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DendWrite Communications

Why DendWrite?

There are many good writers and editors out there. Here are some reasons why you should consider DendWrite Communications for your next project:

We understand your content. Dr. Stillman is a former neuroscientist with expertise in psychiatry, neuropharmacology, and related disciplines. Mike often leverages his basic biomedical knowledge to diversify his subject matter, from GERD to molecular biology to medical devices. As he says, "The ability to write effectively on a variety of topics is one of the things I enjoy most about medical writing."

We know the process. Your science doesn't live in a vacuum, and neither do we. We've published our own research in peer-reviewed journals and trade magazines, so we know how to address reviewer queries, submit for various formats, etc. We have a phenomenal acceptance rate for abstracts that we've written and submitted to professional meetings. We've worked on posters that were selected as conference highlights.

We do more than just write & edit. Need a one-stop solution for poster content development, layout, and printing & shipping? We work with printers to deliver a quality poster (which you'll proofread before printing, of course). We know what PowerPoint techniques work best for a professional slide presentation. Need scientific graphics beyond Excel's capabilities? We've done it! Throw us a curveball.

We respect your confidentiality. Whether you're an individual researcher/clinician or a Big Pharma representative, we're sensitive to your privacy. Your research is yours...we help you tell its story properly and appropriately. We guard not only your data, but your publication plans, speculations, and any information you tell us as if it were our own trade secrets. If we didn't, we'd be out of business quickly.

We're experienced. Mike's first publication was his own neurochemistry research in 1991. In addition to peer-reviewed journal articles, he's written or edited journal supplements, posters, newsletter articles, slide decks, abstracts, press releases, and brochures.

Client Testimonials:

"At Modus Outcomes, the ability to communicate scientific research is critical to our success. Mike does an excellent job breaking down the basics for good scientific writing in an enjoyable way. His knowledge of the field, writing and presentation tips, and personable nature makes him a great contact for anyone looking to improve their writing abilities. The Modus Outcomes team greatly enjoyed our workshop with him and we look forward to utilizing him as a resource in the future."
- Jessica T. Markowitz, PhD, Associate Director, US Team Lead, Modus Outcomes, Cambridge, MA.

"After several unsatisfactory experiences, we were finally introduced to DendWrite. Mike has truly been an amazing find for our communication needs. Mike is not only excellent at writing and editing, but also has a buck-stops-here attitude, doing what it takes to ensure that the final product is spot-on! Mike proof-read documents, reviewed technical whitepapers, recorded voice-over narratives for our presentations, and produced YouTube videos of customer testimonials. We found Mike to be sincere, diligent, incredibly honest, and a pleasure to work with. We'll be working with him for years to come!"
- Vale Sundaravel, President, Clisertec, Framingham, MA.

"I worked with Mike Stillman on an extremely high-profile Web project with aggressive deadlines. Mike performed editorial and functionality review on our development website. He worked closely with me and our programmer, and was always responsive, keeping me informed about his progress throughout the project. Thanks to Mike's involvement, we completed the project on time. I am truly a satisfied customer and plan to work with Mike again on future projects."
- Susan C. DiClemente, Associate Director, Communications, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research.

"Michael Stillman's services were requested to assist in the overall management of the creation of a study poster for a scientific meeting. Mike was readily available for all questions and even worked over the weekend to meet the strict timeline. He was very knowledgeable on the project, required no oversight, and was very speedy and responsible. His services will definitely be requested again."
- Project Manager, Boston Scientific Corp.

"Michael was a pleasure to work with on this project. He is a true professional who knows his craft!"
- Carl D. Marci, MD, Director of Social Neuroscience, Massachusetts General Hospital.

"DendWrite Communications has been exceptionally helpful for our organization. When writing assignments needed to be completed under close deadlines, with specific requirements, Michael was more than willing to help! Projects forwarded for editing were thoroughly reviewed by Michael and returned before requested deadlines. His easy-going attitude and desire to please, make him a pleasure to work with. It should be no wonder why we are loyal clients!"
- TP Peer Reviewers, Jason & Richard Bernstein (Owners), Manassas, VA.

"In my opinion, [Dr. Stillman] is clearly one of the most talented and capable medical writers that I have had the pleasure of working with...[We] have collaborated on numerous medical abstracts and publications. He has always been professional, courteous and helpful. His medical knowledge, ability to focus on the most relevant material, organize, and present the material in a coherent fashion is outstanding. He has always been willing to extend himself in order to complete a project on time, even if the timeline is quite tight...I consider his performance as nothing less than outstanding. I have the highest praise for his professional ability and his personal attributes." [more...]
- Lawrence B. Cohen, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

"I had two manuscripts edited by DendWrite Communications. On both occasions, promised deadline times were perfectly kept, and actually a day earlier. In fact, I requested the second paper edited over the Christmas holidays, but they were very courteous to my request. The editor and I kept close contact with each other via e-mail until completion. My questions were always answered promptly and professionally. I am quite satisfied with the level of editorial assistance from the company. A reasonable fee was offered to me after the editor examined my manuscript, which I thought was a fair system. The editor was quite experienced in scientific writing, even in statistics. Therefore, I strongly recommend their service to whoever needs a second set of eyes before submitting a precious scientific paper. I am sure I will keep coming back to do business with DendWrite communications in the future."
- Hiroyuki Asakura, MD, FACOG, Assistant Clinical Professor, Ob/Gyn, Univ. of Wisconsin Medical School.

"It was thanks to his exceptional professional skills as a medical writer that [Dr.] Stillman made a vital contribution to the success of this project in respect of all editorial matters. Working with him was always very enjoyable and efficient...[Dr.] Stillman's commitment to the field of medical writing is evidenced in particular by his high degree of expertise in the field and by his efficiency, precision and punctuality in conjunction with the preparation of medical and scientific publications and presentations...Worthy of particular mention are his abilities to lend structure to complex issues and the large volumes of data associated with them and to visualize and present them in a clear and understandable fashion, always maintaining the context in the interest of good understanding. I very strongly recommend [Dr.] Stillman for medical writing assignments and am very much looking forward to collaboration with him in future projects." [more...]
- Dr. Brigitte Schumacher, Medizinische Klinik, Düsseldorf.