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DendWrite Communications

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This article describes the benefits of using a professional medical writer. Please keep in mind: Manuscripts difficult to read may be rejected by the journal editor before reaching the peer-review phase!

Welcome to DendWrite Communications!

We offer medical writing and editing services to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and IT industries. Our formats include manuscripts, abstracts, posters, slide presentations, online help, tutorials, and manuals.


Have an incomplete or rough manuscript draft?

We'll tighten it up, work with you to complete it, and manage all phases of the submission/review process.

Abstract submission deadline almost here?

Take advantage of our 90%+ acceptance rate. We'll help you develop it according to your meeting's format. We can also manage the submission process.

Need a poster done but you're short on time?

We'll not only help with the writing, we'll do the graphs, layout, and even print & ship. Naturally, you'll proof it before printing.

Need new presentation slides (or want to revamp those old ones)?

Our presentations are accurate, concise, and attractive. No 20 lines of text on a slide here!


See our samples or learn more about us.